Durst Oceania

“What I love about the ProPrint Awards is that it celebrates the people in the industry – they are the core and make the industry so amazing.

“This event has grown so much since we have been the proud sponsor, its rapidly becoming THE industry event of the year. We are so happy to continue to be a small part of that success!”

“The emerging talent that is showcased and celebrated each year is very inspiring”.

Durst Oceania managing director Matt Ashman


Ball & Doggett

“Australia’s largest distributor of printable materials, press consumables and printing equipment, Ball & Doggett, is proud to be a part of the 2023 ProPrint Awards. It is an opportunity that allows us to show our commitment to the print and industry. People are the heartbeat of our industry, and they play a pivotal role in shaping its growth and success. From skilled professionals, print technicians, apprentices and passionate entrepreneurs, the individuals who make up the print and graphic communications industry bring their own expertise, innovation and dedication to propel it forward. The ProPrint Awards acknowledges outstanding achievements and reinforces the importance of individual roles in driving the industry’s evolution. Our commitment in sponsoring the Awards night is to foster positive culture, goodwill and strengthen the relationships between key industry players.

“Our participation stems from the belief that the recognition of a ProPrint Award, in any category, will serve as a powerful platform to honour those who have made a significant impact in their fields. It is a testament to their passion, dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to excellence. The Ball & Doggett team is thrilled to join forces with ProPrint in acknowledging and appreciating the outstanding individuals who have set new benchmarks and pushed boundaries.”

Ball & Doggett national marketing manager Tony Bertrand

FUJIFILM Australia 

FUJIFILM Australia is thrilled to be a proud sponsor of the 2023 ProPrint Awards. With innovation at the heart of our business, we recognise the importance of acknowledging excellence and celebrating talent to foster creativity within our vibrant sector. The ProPrint Awards serves as a powerful platform in honouring and supporting the remarkable individuals who are shaping the future of the industry through their vision, skill, and dedication.

“As a leading provider of innovative printing solutions, FUJIFILM Australia embraces the importance of change and constant improvement. By supporting emerging talent, we hope to cultivate fresh perspectives and inspire a new generation of individuals who will push boundaries and challenge the status quo, encouraging the next generation of professionals to explore the diverse opportunities available. We look forward to celebrating the incredible minds within our industry and to showcase the endless potential that the print industry has to offer.”

FUJIFILM Australia business manager Troy Neighbour


“HP is proud to sponsor the 2023 ProPrint Awards for the third year running. It is an event that recognises the achievements of the rising stars, suppliers and veterans of the print industry. The ProPrint Awards is an opportunity to reflect and celebrate print talent across multiple products, market segments and industry specialisations.

“2023 also marks HP Latex’s 15th anniversary. It is a product portfolio that pushes the boundaries of possibility to diversify and grow the print industry. It also marks the launch of HP Indigo 200K and HP Indigo V12 digital presses which are set to revolutionise the world of digital print.

“HP is looking forward to celebrating these key milestones and the industry’s achievements over the past year at the ProPrint Awards.”

HP worldwide large format solutions pre-sales lead Jeremy Brew

Pozitive Sign & Graphics Supplies

“We, at Pozitive Sign & Graphic Supplies, are thrilled to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2023 ProPrint Awards. As a passionate supporter of the Australian print industry, this was an easy decision for us.

“We believe in the power of recognising and celebrating the remarkable achievements within our industry and it is amazing to witness talented individuals being acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. We are looking forward to the ProPrint Awards, where we expect nothing short of a showcase of outstanding talent and innovation. As a sponsor of this event, we aim to shine a spotlight on the creative minds and dedicated professionals who pour their hearts into every project. We take great pride in being a part of the success and growth of the print industry, and we can’t wait to celebrate the vibrant community at this year’s awards.”

Pozitive Sign & Graphics Supplies marketing manager Andrea Trumble



“The rationale for sponsoring the event was to support the industry in celebrating all those that contribute on a day-to-day basis, making it the wonderful and vibrant industry that it is. I feel sure that once again, we will be celebrating the efforts of those that have worked hard over the past year to make our industry thrive and continue to evolve.”

Böttcher managing director Mitch Mulligan

Cactus Imaging

“Cactus Imaging has been a sponsor of the Emerging 50 for several years. We are passionate about supporting the younger participants in the industry, and we saw this as an opportunity to recognise the people that are the future of print.

“The ProPrint Awards have become a must attend event and Cactus Imaging is proud to support it.”

Cactus Imaging general manager – operations Keith Ferrel


“We sponsor this event because we believe that getting people together is, at the end of the day, what it’s all about. You can call it networking, or you can call it catching up. Either way, it’s essential for us to support events in our industry which, in turn, give plenty back.

“It’s a fun night and you meet people that you didn’t know or may not have seen for a while – it is great to have the industry under one roof. There’s lot of laughs throughout the evening, good meals and a fair bit of drinking too.

“We are all under the pump these days – whether it’s on a computer, a phone, zoom or team meetings, travelling, commuting, running a business, trying to find a parking spot – you name it. Life is super busy and there’s often an element of pressure. So, to get to a place where we can all sit down, let off a bit of steam and put ‘a smile on the dial’, is refreshing. It’s also fantastic to see such an event unfold on stage, where a lot of new talent is unearthed.

“Sponsoring the ProPrint Awards is something we will continue to do as a business while I can afford it.”

Graph-Pak managing director Tom Ralph

Konica Minolta

“Once again Konica Minolta Australia is extremely pleased to continue the partnership with the 2023 ProPrint Awards. As we continue to grow, and as the industry continues to grow, we are excited at what the future holds.

“Joining the world of print some 30 plus years ago, I was immediately told print is dying, that the paperless office was coming and everything would be online.These statements couldn’t have been further from the truth. What we have seen is the development of analogue copiers to digital, spot colour to full colour, and the impact that media and different substrates brings to the application mix and industry offering.

“The migration of offset to digital, short run personalisation, labels, packaging, point of sale means that print is everywhere, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. This industry isn’t dying, it’s diversifying and that is truly exciting! Our thanks to the organisers for continuing to support our industry by holding such a wonderful event each year.”

Konica Minolta Australia general manager production and industrial print Andy Cocker

Kurz Australia

“Kurz Australia is proud to continue our support and official sponsorship of the 2023 ProPrint Awards which recognise excellence and innovation and celebrate the many achievements of the incredible people who work in the Australian print industry.

“Kurz actively promotes and encourages excellence and creativity, and by aligning the Kurz brand to the 2023 ProPrint Awards, we see the opportunity to continue our contribution to the growth and evolution of the vibrant print sector in an increasingly digital world.”

Leonhard Kurz Australia managing director A/NZ Stephen Pratt

Ricoh Australia

“As proud sponsors of the 2023 ProPrint Awards, we are thrilled to once again, be part of this prestigious event that celebrates excellence and innovation in the printing industry.

“At Ricoh, we have long been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of print technology and empowering businesses to achieve their visions through cutting-edge solutions. Our partnership with the ProPrint Awards underscores our commitment to recognise and honour the outstanding achievements of professionals in the print industry.

“This year’s awards promise to be a showcase of remarkable talent and ingenuity, and we eagerly anticipate being inspired by the submissions and winners. As we come together to celebrate the industry’s best, we look forward to forging new connections, sharing insights, and fostering a brighter future for print innovation.”

Ricoh general manager, sales and marketing Tina Economou

Spicers Australia

“Spicers is a proud sponsor of the 2023 ProPrint Awards that supports and celebrates the entire spectrum of the printing industry – from established leaders to rising stars, suppliers and industry veterans. We continue to strengthen relationships and contribute to the overall growth and success of the sector and demonstrate our commitment to fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial environment.”

Spicers marketing and design manager Cyndi Setia